Stunning Intermediate Results 2018

Astounding performance by the students of Urbane Junior College has made our heads turn. When the whole world rants that education should be made tension free, our college, in reality, trains students in a stress free environment. Learning happens through passionate involvement of lectures and students, not by subjecting students to undue force or pressure. Encouragement by the lectures is the key to success of the student. While our college has secured a grand pass percentage of 95, 62 is the state pass percentage. It is the secure, comfortable environment of Urbane Junior College that has enabled students to achieve outstanding results.
An overview of our phenomenal results
BiPC STATE SECOND MARK – 1st Year 435/440, 433, 432 ……..
MPC 1st Year – 464/470, 463, 462 ………
2nd Year – 984/1000, 982, 981 ……..
95% pass percentage in all groups.
60% students have got above 90%
MAINS 300/360 expected.

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