Sports Day 25th August, 2017

In today’s world, where one sees a technologically ravaged society, sports is often neglected in terms of its importance. So, it was quite impressive to see Urbane Junior College hold a Sports Day and organize such an event for the students.
To start off, before the event, all the match-ups and teams for each sport were premeditated, so as to keep it as kempt as possible. Also, the anticipation that was witnessed in both the faculty, as well as the students was very motivating, which further boosted the smooth progress of the day.
The organized sports were Cricket, Football and some indoor sports. The truly fantastic thing was to see not only students, but teachers also taking part in the games with full interest and support. People realized that keeping fit is an important aspect of everyone’s life and sports plays a major role in doing so.
The event was organized at Babu Khan Arena, which is well-reputed for its amazing quality of playing surface, grass for cricket and astro-turf for football. The college management also extremely thoughtfully planned a free lunch for the students at the arena, which filled them with more energy to play further. It was indeed an exciting experience for all participants.
To sum up, the college is one of the only state board colleges in the city to support this endeavour and this is truly something that can be appreciated. The principal is very supportive of these extra-curricular events, so we can certainly expect more of a mix of enjoyment and academics in such a well-balanced college.

Akshaansh C.
Junior MPC ULEAD boys

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