Reasons for choosing Urbane Junior College, Hyderabad

In recent times, choosing the best college for Intermediate education has become a daunting task for students and parents alike. With scores of colleges operating across the city, zeroing down on one with complete conviction is bound to be challenging. The following discussion will aid in your choice making, helping you understand why Urbane Junior College is the undisputed choice of pursuing intermediate education.

 Reasons for choosing Urbane Junior College, Hyderabad

Reasons for choosing Urbane Junior College, Hyderabad

Teaching Philosophy

Urbane distinguishes itself from the run-of-the-mill kind of colleges offering the same burdensome and rote method of learning. At Urbane, we make students grow on self-evaluating skills and making this is possible is the small bench-strength of every class, allowing faculties to personally interact with students.

Our Vision

As an institution we don’t quantify success based on rankings, but on the character development of our students. Exposure to opportunities is what helps in development of one’s perspective about the world. Urbane always aim at giving an all-round vision of development. A student enrolls into Urbane as a successful tenth grader but exits with abundant knowledge to vie with their counterparts across the world. An Urbane student can aspire to be a successful Engineer, Doctor, a Chartered Account or a Businessman. The choice is solely theirs. Urbane only helps in realizing their true potential by helping them fetch their calling through quality education.

Why Urbane should be your ideal choice for Intermediate Junior College in Hyderabad?

  •  The secret of education lies in valuing the potential of every student. The two-year integrated program for intermediate and entrances helps to strike the right-balance.
  •  Equal emphasis is laid on intermediate and entrance syllabus for effective preparation.
  •  At Urbane, experienced faculty members and professionals provide individual attention and guidance.
  • Innovative teaching and learning practices helps the students to build strong fundamentals.
  •  Urbane’s curriculum includes ample time for revision and mock-tests to help students assess their preparation.
  • No stress-full 15-hour regime for students or segregation based on merit.

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