Children’s Day 14th November, 2017

Every year, citizens of India celebrate their leaders of tomorrow, children. This year, Urbane junior college took part in the national celebrations by conducting a cultural program that included dances, singing performances, and more.

The program started off with a rhythmic and graceful dance by the girls of the school. They danced to popular Hindi and telugu movie songs, and were heartily cheered on by the crowd. Next, there was a melodious group singing performance by the juniors. In the only event to include both boys and girls together, the group sang a medley of songs ranging from slow and silvery songs, to the up-beat and raging songs of Baahubali. Although the whole crowd was eagerly listening, one could tell that they were singing along in their heads!

The group was followed by awe-inspiring solo singing and dance performances (by those brave enough to take on the intimidating stage alone!). Then, the crowd witnessed a phenomenal dance by the boys of Senior UBoard. They delivered to the audience a wild dance that half of us would break our hips trying to attempt! All these performances are even more commendable as the students had only a day to prepare! We also had some speeches by our teachers, who never cease to inspire us.

The whole event was a wonderful experience that also gave the students a refreshing break. The students would like to thank Mahesh Mohan sir for giving them the opportunity to perform and celebrate the national holiday.

Anshuk Chigullapalli
Junior MPC ULead boys

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